5 Strategies for Serving your First Year Superintendent

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

5 Strategies for Serving your Frist Year Superintendent

Written by: Andy Jordan, Ed.S. School Administrator- 10-18-20

The world of education spans far and wide and so do its leaders who take the helm as superintendent.  How do embrace your new boss as a school principal makes all the difference how your relationship will go that year and beyond.  Here are five quick strategies for principals to use when getting a new boss.

  • Be able to read your superintendent and figure out quickly what his strengthens and weaknesses are and what type of personality they have.  Some superintendents lead by power and complete control and others lead from afar building your skills and leading you.  If you have a superintendent that needs the attention and complete control you should be concerned and plan your days strategically. 
  • Highlight the positives and successes in your building as much as possible.  If you don’t use social media start doing so and highlighting everything that is qualitative.  According to principal Andy Jordan using Facebook and Twitter as your social media platform will quickly grow your culture in your building.  If negatives come up and they are not a district wide concern make sure to squash them and don’t let it get out of your building.  
  • Recognize and highlight the superintendent whenever you can.  For example, if you are sending a weekly update to staff say something nice about your superintendent and his leadership and make sure to BCC him on the email.  A few of those per month will start building trust and rapport with your superintendent, especially if he is a personality that needs the attention and needs to be in control. 
  • Weed out the negative.  Don’t say anything negative about him to anybody.  One negative comment or remark in the school setting could catch fire and get back to him.  Same thing goes for communication through email and chat messenger.  Don’t say anything negative about him, but instead drop a few positives with his name to different people.  This will protect you for when your superintendent decides to go through your emails and search his name.  If you don’t think this happens you are wrong, most superintendents go through their principals emails and messages to gain information about what is going on.  
  • Win the day.  Everyday in the principal position you are under fire and being attacked by many different angels.  Don’t let it get to you and do your best everyday.  If your superintendent has district wide initiatives you do them tenaciously and you win the day. 

There are many struggles as a principal, but according to Principal Andy Jordan you need to keep your head up and don’t let your highs get to high and your lows get to low.  Be able to have some other administrators on call and be ready to ask for help if needed.   There are enough people that make your job tough don’t allow your superintendent to be one of them. 

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