How To Turn Your School Culture Around

Written by: Andy Jordan, Ed.S. School Administrator- 10-16-20

When I took over as a building administrator I found myself in distain with what I was seeing my first couple of weeks.  Culture was rock bottom with students using profanity towards each other and even at staff members with no redirection from staff.  Here are some tips that Principal Andy Jordan used to turn around his school culture. 

  • Be visible all the time and get out of the office.  This means every passing period you are in the hallways, lunch time you are walking around the cafeteria, and before/after school you are meeting and greeting students and staff.
  • School wide assemblies monthly.  Use monthly assemblies to highlight the positives that are happening in the school and highlight individual students and staff members.  You should make these fun and include games and competitions along with music.  You can sprinkle in a guest speaker once a semester to keep the momentum going.
  • Utilize Facebook and social media to highlight what is actually happening inside the school with your students and teachers.  This will incite buy in from your community members and give your parents something to talk about with their children.
  • Send out positive weekly emails to all staff members.  Make sure to highlight a different teacher or staff member each week.  Send pictures as attachments through the email and stay positive.  According to principal Andy Jordan keeping your staff informed will go a long ways for keeping them in the loop and making them feel like they are apart of the school.
  • Highlight only the positives in your board report with pictures and lots of great information about the improvement of your building and highlighting your students and staff members.  Giving something positive for the board members to talk about while out in public is always a positive and they will appreciate it. 

Turning a school around can be tough but it can easily be done by following these five simple tricks, according to Principal Andy Jordan.  Being able to stay positive and take the hits early on as a leader will be important as staff will see your leadership and they will know that you will not waiver when it comes to school culture.   

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