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Remote Learning In Education Doesn’t Work

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Remote Learning In Education Doesn’t Work

Written by: Principal Andy Jordan, Ed.S. School Administrator- 10-19-20

Many schools are starting the 2020-21 school year in full remote learning and/or hybrid models.  As we enter November 2020 we are seeing many schools switch back and forth between different models and switching back to in person learning.  

I am currently in quarter two of my first semester and we have successfully completed an entire quarter of in-person learning.  It has had some challenges and there are many different pros and cons but according to Principal Andy Jordan in person learning reaps far more benefits than remote or hybrid learning.  

Here are a few reasons why hybrid and remote learning are not as effective as in person learning and why administrators should be fighting to stay in person learning.  

Students are a creature of habit.  They need to be in the classroom and have their daily routines.  Students that have A/B or A/B/C or partial schedules are unable to manage it successfully and they are receiving less instructional time and support.  Other students are lacking the social emotional learning and the ability to connect with their peers and have a someone normal social life during this pandemic, which for some students is much needed after a total shutdown.  

Teachers do not have the time nor the resources to teach both in person and remotely during these times, according to Principal Andy Jordan.  Teachers are not prepared to equip with all the moving parts that are included with remote and hybrid learning.  Let alone how far behind they are since being shut down in March.  How can we expect to catch students up from March who are behind and also do so with less instructional time on a hybrid or remote learning schedule?  It simple can’t be done and it is not the fault of the educator, student, or parent.  

Schools should be operating for in person learning and finding solutions to make it happen.  Being able to adapt and be creative as administrators is what our communities need right now.  Being able to keep our students and staff safe is priority number one, but we should find solutions to make our school safe during these times.  

Teaching during COVID 19 and operating a school is difficult and almost impossible but we owe it to our students to be able be in person for this school year.  In some cases that is not possible, but according to Principal Andy Jordan we should turn over every stone and do our best to accommodate our students as their learning is more important now than it ever was.    


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