Navigating The Illinois Teacher Evaluation Processes For Principals

Written By: Principal Andy Jordan, Ed.S.

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In Illinois teacher evaluations are required by law per Illinois Senate Bill 7.  There are some rules and steps that Illinois administrators need to make sure they follow to ensure they are conducting their evaluations properly and legally.  

When evaluating teachers you need to give them notice by the first day of school in writing that you are going to evaluate them that school year, according to Principal Andy Jordan.   Remember that non-tenured teachers are those teachers who are in their first four years of teaching and have not earned tenured rights.  

All non-tenured teachers must receive two formal evaluations and one informal evaluation.  If you are evaluating a tenured teacher they only need to receive one formal and one informal evaluation.  With each formal evaluation you need to have a pre-conference meeting and a post conference meeting with the teacher according to Principal Andy Jordan.  Most districts work out a timeframe with the teachers union and/or the PERA Joint Committee to ensure that the post conference happens within ten days of the evaluation date. 

Due to Senate Bill 7 part of the evaluation is based on the performance rating (informals and formal evaluation(s)) and the other part is based off of student growth rating.   The percentages of the performance rating and student growth ratings is set by your PERA Joint Committee.  If you are unsure what your percentages are check with your superintendent.  

Student growth practice: depending on the parameters set by your PERA Joint Committee your teachers will either have to complete a type I, type II, or type III assessment(s) to determine their student growth rating for part of their evaluation.  

Once you have completed the student growth practice ratings and the performance evaluation you pull it into a summative rating where you give your teacher a final rating.  This is where they are rated overall as a teacher.  This can be confusing for a first year administrator if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter @principa_andy or by email at  

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