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The School Culture Funnel and How Administrator’s Create It

In 2020 if you are a school principal and you are not branding your school you are not doing your job. There are so many great things happening in our schools everyday and we need to highlight those to our school community. Here are some basic things school principals can do to self-promote their schools, according to Principal Andy Jordan.
Facebook: This is the easiest step a school administrator can do. Setup a page and make a few positive posts the first month and then hand it over to your business class or other teachers and let them highlight the positives for you.
Twitter: This is more personalized but it allows you to connect with other individuals who are more in tuned to Twitter social media and less Facebook. Make sure to follow your school’s groups twitter pages and retweet as often as possible.
YouTube: Setting up and running a school YouTube page is easy and it is a great way to broadcast your basketball and volleyball games as well as your special events such as concerts and graduation ceremonies.
Newsletters: Some schools still operate a monthly and/or a quarterly school newsletter that is mailed to residents. This is a great idea and it also reaches folks who are not on social media and who are not connected as others are.
Blogging: This could be a learning project for your high school English department and it would also tie into learning for your students. Running this blog would have to go through your teacher but it could be fun and positive. Make sure to highlight all the positive happenings at your school.
I am surprised that in 2020 many schools are still operating in the dark when it comes to social media and self-promoting their schools. School has changed tremendously in the past twenty years and it is important to highlight those changes and show the parents and school community all the fun and exciting learning that is occurring according to Principal Andy Jordan. Once you start sharing the positives and highlighting your school you will be surprised of the culture change you start seeing and the positive posts that will start happening on social media. It’s a great way to help turn your school around.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on twitter @principa_andy.


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