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Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Andrew Jordan, a bachelor of art graduate from Northern Illinois University, is a principal at Donovan High School in Donovan, Illinois. Outside of his work as principal, Andrew Jordan likes to read books on social media and business to learn different aspects, such as creating a social media marketing strategy.

The initial step in creating a social media marketing strategy involves setting social media goals that align with a business’ objectives. Common social media goals include increasing brand awareness, generating leads and sales, and boosting community engagement. Social media metrics such as likes, reach, impressions, and conversion rate give insight into a business’ performance.

The next move involves identifying the target audience, the most relevant social media channels, and the best content formats. Businesses will benefit from researching what works best instead of putting resources and effort on several platforms and targeting broad audiences. Additionally, a competitor analysis helps understand the industry expectations and aids in spotting opportunities.

After gathering the right information, a company is ready to set up a social media profile. Businesses can also invest in social management tools for publishing, analysis, and reporting.