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Education’s Role as a Socio-Economic Factor

Andrew Jordan leverages four college degrees, including a master’s in educational administration from Western Illinois University, as a transformative principal and educational change agent. A member of the Illinois Principals Association, Andrew Jordan adheres to a leadership philosophy that provides children from all socio-economic groups with equal educational opportunities.

Socio-economic grouping refers to a method of classifying groups or individuals depending on their social status. An individual’s group, also known as socio-economic status, is typically determined by education, occupation, and income and can have major implications on access to social resources.and future economic success. Other factors may include family supports, social supports, and even crime rates.

Education plays a critical role in social economics in several ways. For example, education directly impacts future income earning potential. Studies show that each year of schooling leads to an 11 percent increase in annual income. Higher education levels also increase the likelihood of higher paying jobs that provide better benefits, safer working environments, and a greater sense of control over one’s life. Moreover, individuals with higher levels of education live nine years longer on average than those who dropped out of high school.