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Donovan – Economic, Political, and Educational Statistics

white concrete building near body of water during daytime

Andrew “Andy” Jordan began his educational career as a teacher and assistant principal at West Prairie High School in Sciota, Illinois. He became the principal at West Carroll Primary School, where he improved the test scores by 20 percent and drastically reduced out-of-school suspension. Now a principal of a high school, Andrew Jordan oversees Donovan High School in Donovan, Illinois.

Donovan is a village in Iroquois County named after the local Donovan family who founded it in 1872. Today, Donovan has an unemployment rate of 5.6 percent compared to the national average of 6.0 percent. However, the cost of living in Donovan is 29.9 percent lower than the national average.

As for politics, Donovan, according to the last presidential election, is mainly Republican, with 77.5 percent voting Republican. Since 2020, Donovan’s population has dropped by 40.7 percent and now boasts 279 people. Its public schools spend $11,604 per student, with 12.9 students for every teacher.