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What Is Freemasonry?

Andrew Jordan is the principal of Donovan High School in Illinois, where he is looking to improve test scores for 175 6th-12th grade students under his management. Outside of his work in education, Andrew Jordan is involved with his local Freemason society.

Freemasonry is often misconstrued as a variety of things that it is not, such as being a religious order or being related to the Illuminati. In reality, the Freemasons are an exclusive club that is secular in nature and has no imperative to be fully confidential.

Although it is a secret society, individual members can choose to be public with their involvement if they so choose. The late Prince Phillip, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, musician Rick Wakeman, and more are examples of public celebrity masons about their affiliation.

The point of Freemasonry is to mimic the medieval stonemasons from which it takes its name. The stonemasons of the medieval era protected their knowledge of their crafts by encoding it in a series of runes and symbols that only other masons understood, thus protecting their trade skills from outsiders. Modern masons are much the same, promising to help each other as a social network and partaking in ceremonies that both forge a social bond and create a moral framework for individual members to live by.